ALBROOUJ ONLINE LEARNING ACADMEY established since 2015 Our academy shows the best performance in the field of Quran education other acadmic subjects. ALBROOUJ ONLINE ACADMEY academy has proved itself as one of the well-recognized online learning centers around the globe. It is a spectacular platform of online Quran, we are providing online Quran classes and other academy classes that are suitable for the whole family specially one of the best online Quran classes for kids. Online learning Academy is the best and most authentic online Quran learning platform We are proud to charge the lowest possible fees from our students. We have both male and Female Quran Teacher both are competitive, courteous and friendly. We offer classes for male, female students and kids. Now you and your children can learn about Islam at home in front of them, so with TAJWEED you do not have to take them to distant institutions or mosques to learn the Quran We offer learn Quran online the teaching services to the students residing in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. under the supervision of deeply qualified and capable teachers Round-the-clock service: We will provide students with a 24-hour Quran course so that students can tailor their class hours according to their convenience, convenience and comfort.

Eligibility: Graduated from a Islamic university.
Certification: Our online Quran teacher is qualified and experienced.
Teaching Method: Our online “are experienced and trained to Quran” teachers ease all types of students. They have full control over the reading and can correct mistakes in the storytelling.
Personal Skills: We are very concerned about student satisfaction, so we review teachers on the basis of dedication, punctuality and competence.


Our aim is to provide quality Quranic knowledge and Islamic education online. Our main focus is on reciting memorizing an learn basic concept the Holy Quran with the rules of Tajweed because it is necessary for reverence and submission in Salah and daily life practices. Moreover, it will help us in our routine life while reading the Holy Quran. We also consider it very important that every Muslim should have the basic Knowledge of Islam. Our aim is to impart quality and theme-based learning of the ‘Holy Quran’ and the most renowned religion in the world ‘The Islam’ as per true spirit of Islam and the efforts/teachings made/taught by our Holy prophet (PBUH).