Al-Broouj Quran Academy is mainly developed as an national and international Quran reading online academy, which agenda is to deliver the best guidance of reading the Quran and  with the proper Quran rules This is the perfect platform of free Quran education to those people who can’t find any possible facility of learning and practice Quran recitation in their areas. Our professional and high qualified teachers will teach you with the proper and correct voicing of the Holy Quran recitation. We use some unique and easiest practical methods to make the learning recitation of the Holy Quran easier for people.


Our vision is to spread knowledge of quran around the world Albroouj Academy’s  basic Vision is to become  best teaching Online learning acadmyand To provide a platform and tool where every Muslim is able to read and understand the Holy Quran. Our online Quran classes is working for the Falah  – that is, our success or prosperity in this world as well as in the Hereafter.