AL-BROOUJ ONLINE LEARNING ACADMEY We provide an amazing platform for online Quran learning and recitation for the kids and adults. For many years, we serve Muslim students with a piece of complete Islamic knowledge. For this, we provide Islamic study courses. Through the knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islam, you can understand the message of God. In the Al-Broouj online academy, different courses taught by the well-qualified male & female teachers. At our platform, the Islamic study courses also available for Muslims. Being a Muslim after the birth of your child, you need to teach him/her the Quran education. Don’t worry, we provide the best Islamic courses and the Online Quran learning with tajweed at our best platform. The aim of our online platform to provides the facility of online Quran learning for those who lived in non-Muslim countries or where the Quran academies are so far from home.

The male & female Quran tutors are available for you and you can select by our website easily. We ensure that our skilled teachers have the complete knowledge of Islamic study and the Holy Quran and they know the best techniques of teaching. Using the latest software, we provide the best techniques for teaching your kids. Also the female Quran tutor also available for those who want to teach from the female Quran teacher. We ensure that after leaving, your kids have complete Islamic and Quran knowledge.

Why Islamic study is compulsory for each Muslim?
With the Quran education, you can know the best path of leaving live with Islamic rules. At our platform, the Albroouj online academy provides different courses for you and your kids