AL-BROOUJ ONLINE LEARNING ACADMEY provides a specialized “Quran Reading Course online”. Through this module, you or your kids can learn Quran recitation online reception in all over the world under the orientation of skillful teachers (males & females). The Quran teaching experts at Al-Broouj Quran Academy will teach you or your kids all features of Quran recitation. You will learn the proper pronunciation of verses of Quran, different rules of reciting the Quran, and even the etiquette of Quran recitation. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it” Alhamdulilah we are Muslim and need to learn the Holy Quran. We provide an amazing platform for your children to learn the Holy Quran without any hesitation. It’s very important to point to be noted for a Muslim to seek knowledge of the Quran and Islam. But for this, you need a trustful platform where you can easily learn the Holy Book. For this purpose, we provide different Quran courses for you. We have skilled male & female staff as tutors that know everything. The capability of teaching attracts more children. The online Quran reading course includes Quran Translation, Quran Memorization, and Quran for Beginners, Applied Tarweed courses, and Quran Recitation.

We provide an easy way for the newborn Muslims and adults to seek the Holy Quran from the albroouj Quran academy. The online Quran reading academy with Translation, Tafseer, Quran, Fiqh and Hadith. The first basic way of reading the Holy Quran with tajweed is best and provide this facility also for our students. Another thing that is very perfect about over Online learning academy is, you can easily manage the time of your class. You can also decide what you learn from our online Quran academy. Muslims from all over the world can be learned and read the Holy Quran easily from well-established platforms. You can register different courses online from our website. For online classes, you need PC/laptop, Internet connection and a noise-free place where you can easily understand your tutor. Through our online platform, thousands of Muslim adults and children complete their Quran memorization, tajweed, Quran learning and Quran translation easily. So come and register yourself for learning the Holy Book and different courses.